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Lund, Sweden

Lund, Sweden

Lund is easy to reach from Copenhagen.  By taking the train, you can arrive in Lund, Sweden in less than an hour from Copenhagen.  First thing I did upon arriving to Lund is hit up the first H&M I saw, which is actually a Swedish company.  Overall, the clothes are generally the same but I did buy a token sweater just to say I did.  

After walking the town, checking out the stores, and having some Swedish beer we were off to look for a traditional Swedish dinner.  I refused to leave Sweden without having Swedish meatballs, which are served with delicious lingonberry jam.  I came to know Swedish meatballs from the Swedish store IKEA.  I highly recommend trying them if you have not already or try making them on your own with the Almost IKEA Meatball recipe.  Upon return to America I made this recipe and found that although they are not the same as the authentic Swedish meatballs, they are the next best thing.

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