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Last day on the job….

Today is my last day of work on Capitol Hill.  It is hard to close this chapter of my life, even though I have such exciting things planned in the coming months.  I almost feel like I’m finally just graduating from college and I have to grow up.  My job was the best job anyone could ever have out of college.  And, who knows, maybe I’ll be back sooner than I think:)   I have no idea what lies ahead of me.

I do know, I will miss my office, my friends and the atmosphere of working on the hill.  I will miss my little fishbowl, sitting in front of two of my favorite people.  They will no longer have to suffer through my endless personal calls…which I’m sure they are thankful about.  I definitely won’t miss walking through metal detectors everyday.  Call me paranoid, but I swear one day they’ll come out and say those cause cancer.  Along with everything else though I suppose.  I will also enjoy wearing heels without having to do an awkward leap/jump/long stride to get into the office building.  I swear it’s just a big joke between the Cap police.  They need some sort of entertainment while standing there all day.

Next up, finals….then off to Rome!!

The Classic Spaghetti Pie

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