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The Island of Capri

Capri, Italy

Capri is an amazing resort island off the coast of Amalfi.  You can reach Capri only by ferry or your own boat.  Capri is known for its linen and lemons.  The town of Anacapri can be reached either by bus or claiming the 1,200 Phoenician steps that start near the Marina Grande.  The bus ride is a beautiful exciting ride.  You feel as though one wrong turn will land you in the ocean below.

Anacapri has the best shopping on the island if you’re not looking for the high-end stores.  There is also a chairlift in Anacapri that will take you to the highest point in Capri, which is a speculator view and well worth your time.

The best place to eat and lay out is in Mariana Piccola.  It’s the quieter side of Capri island and has great restaurants right on the water.  Don’t forget to have a caprese salad with every meal.  They are amazing.

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