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Roma Continued...

Well, I’m approaching the last couple days of my time in Roma.  I have finals on both Friday and Saturday, so sadly I’m forced to spend my free time in the last couple of days studying.  I leave for Krakow immediately after my Saturday final!

The past week has been a busy one, much of which was spent eating pasta, pizza, and walking around Rome.  We also have been studying hard, which is has been no fun.  It’s funny, everyone tells me there study abroad was so easy….of course, at CUA we have had a much different experience.  I have over a 100 pages of textbook reading a night!  And my teacher actually expects us to have time to memorize for our test…when we have our last class the night before.

We went to Florence this weekend for just Saturday.  We left on Saturday morning at 6:45 on the express train and got there very early in the morning.  Like 7:50am.  We randomly started walking around the city and saw a line near Santa Maria del Fiore, so we decided to get in.  Turns out the people in front of us had gotten up at 6am to get in line to go up The Duomo, which is the dome.  We really lucked out because we didn’t even have to wait, we went to the top, and saw the most amazing views of Tuscany and the city of Florence.   We came across a farmers market that only happens once a month, which has tons of truffle cheese samples, and truffle pates and spread, with wine and olive oil.  It was amazing and I was in heaven.  Then we had the most amazing sandwiches of my life.  I will forever crave them and may be going back to Florence just to have one.  I had turkey, truffle pate, and mozzarella cheese, which they melt on a panini press.  To die for.  We continued to luck out because then we randomly saw on a poster that there was a Tuscan wine festival that day.  We went and tried so many different red and white wines from Tuscany.  Each wine maker would tell you all about the wine and why there’s was special.  You paid EUR 10 for 10 tasting, but not one of the would stamp you ticket.  They insisted wine tasting should be free.  So we probably had a little more than 10…opps.

For you reality tv junkies, we did get pizza from the Jersey Shore pizzeria.  We saw all of them except Snookie.  I was not quite as into them as everyone else since I haven’t once watched the show, so I did not fill out the 30 page contract to allow you to go into the pizza shop, but my friends did.  And brought the pizza to go.  We all had a piece and can now say we ate pizza from the Jersey shore cast.  We actually did that on the way to dinner, yes…I’m the ultimate fat kid in Italy.  We ended up going to Aqua al 2, which we have in DC.  And,  the blueberry steak is to die for.  

The last week was filled with a lot of studying and eating.  Rome went by so fast.  I am sad to leave, but the rate of EUR to the dollar is telling me it’s time to go.  Funny how I spent so much money in Rome and I have nothing to show for it.  It was all about consuming in Rome.

Off to Krakow!  More later….


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