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Time seems to be flying by.  I am two weeks into the Krakow program and totally exhausted.  Krakow is an amazing city.  Although there is 900,000 people in Krakow, it still feels very small.  I’m living in a hotel called Zaczek, but it’s known by a lot of people as the student dormitory.  Tons of students live in these dorms throughout the school year.  We actually have 1/2 Americans and 1/2 Polish students in the program.  The Polish kids are great though.  They show us around and are really helpful.  Some of them are actually from Krakow, so they know all the cool places to go. 

The first day here we toured around the city and got a feel for where our classes would be located.  The classes are taught by Polish teachers, although one is from Catholic.  Most of the time it’s very difficult to follow.  They just phrase things differently and their accents are really hard for me to follow.  We have class from about 11:00 to 3:45ish everyday of the week.  We have about an hour in there to go grab lunch and frantically try to catch up on our reading.  

People in Krakow are almost living in the 1980’s still.  Lots of guys have mullets and everyone rollerblades here.  Like everyone.  You can actually rent them, which I will be doing.  There is a huge park out front of the Zaczek which I’ve been running around.  I shockingly have been running almost everyday.  Sometimes pretty far because I’m exploring the city.  There is a river that goes through the city and there is a path next to it.  I’m always surprised at the amount of people who exercise here.  Nothing like Rome.

It’s dirt cheap here, which is a great change from Rome.  I can go out to eat and order almost three courses and beer for $20 bucks.   It’s amazing.  Beers are $2-$3 dollars.  And they are strong.  And man do the Polish like to drink.  They go out and the bars literally never close it’s crazy.  Vodka is their drink of choice.  They just do shots of vodka.  One bar had a minimum for shots, you had to buy in quantities of 4.  Polish girls also dress very provocative.  I mean skin tight clothes, see thru shirts, and poor excuses for skirts.  Needless to say, the boys are loving it.  

This week one of our Polish friends had us over to her house for the National holiday.  This holiday was on Thursday, so we actually had no class.  She lives in an awesome apartment.  Then she took us to a local watering hole (an old quarry filled with water) that was amazing.  We did cliff jumping from 30 foot cliffs.  It was amazing.  It was the most fun I’ve had in a very long time.  Just swimming and enjoying the weather.  

So far things are great here.  Never thought I would study abroad in Poland, but I am so happy to have this opportunity.  It’s been great so far.  Now only one week until Kelli comes to visit and 4 until I see my boyfriend.  Missing everyone!

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