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Krakow Completed

Accomplishment:  My second to last semester of law school is finished…one more to go.  Going to school in Rome and Poland for the summer was an amazing opportunity.  One I will never regret.  Of course, right now I’m checking my bank account every ten minutes and my body is begging me to return to a normal schedule, but even just a week after leaving I already missed the people I met and city of Krakow.

The last weekend we decided to fly to Warsaw.  The plane was so small.  On the way there, I was doing okay because I had several drinks before boarding, but on the way back from Warsaw was another story.  I have never been so scared on a flight.  I survived though and swore never to take another flight sober (in all honesty, I flew sober for the rest of my trip…what happened to free booze on international flights???).

Warsaw has a much more city-like feel than Krakow.  We had booked a hotel room at the Intercontinental, which was only $77 a night.  The beds were amazing compared to Hotel Zaczek (our student dorm) where we slept on 1950’s couches that had a single sheet as a mattress pad (which never stayed on…gross).  It was awesome to have two nights in luxury. 

Since we had such little time in Warsaw, we decided the best way to get a feel for the city would be to do the Hop On Hop Off bus.  This was a good idea because Warsaw is very spread out and there are lots of sites to see.  We ended up walking back to the Warsaw Castle after the tour and had drinks and did more touring around the Old Town.  The Old Town and Nowy Swiat, the main street with all the restaurants and bars, is the best place to go in Warsaw.  Nowy Swiat was much trendier than I had expected.  I wish I actually had more time to explore Warsaw and see more of the sites, but at least I was able to get a small taste of what it’s like.

The last week I had to catch up on all my studying.  I suddenly panicked and realized that the whole reason I was in Poland was for law school.  So, I was actually quite boring my last week and would go to my favorite restaurant after class and stay there well into the night.  I ended up buying a train ticket to leave a day early so 1) I would not have to fly to Warsaw on a little plane again and 2) to be with Cary at the earliest possible second.  Oh and how much fun the overnight train was.  3 trains, 4 countries, and 24 hours later I finally met up with Cary in Munich, Germany!  It was worth it.

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Krakow Continued...