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Thanksgiving in Del Mar, California

Del Mar holds a special place in my heart.  My grandparents would spend the winters, away from freezing Minnesota, in Del Mar.  Their condo was on the Morgan Run golf course in Rancho Santa Fe.  I have so many memories in this area of California.  It’s where I would go hunting for snails with Fred, the grounds keeper, where I chipped in a golf ball from 100 yards away right in front of my grandpa at the age of 7, and would eat fresh strawberries with angel food cake after every meal.  Lucky for us, my uncle ended up buying a beautiful house in Rancho Santa Fe after my grandma passed away, so we are still able to visit Del Mar at least once a year.

One of the best things about this area is the amazing seafood restaurants.  My favorite restaurant, George’s on the Cove, is located in La Jolla.  We always sit on the ocean terrace, order the mussels, and watch the sunset.   And if you visit La Jolla, make sure to walk down to the water and see all the seals.  I found this guy out sleeping on the beach. Don’t worry, he’s not dead.

As for the shopping, there’s plenty.  But, Solana Beach has an area known as Cedros Avenue which is a design district.  The two stores I make sure to hit every time I’m in California are Leaping Lotus and SoLo.

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