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Rock and Roll USA Half Marathon

Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon

Tribulation:  I ran the Rock n’ Roll USA half marathon on St. Patrick’s Day this year.  I have actually ran this race three years in a row now, but this was my worst time ever for a half.  What is weird is that I trained for this half marathon in Colorado while studying for the bar exam.  Not only should the altitude have made this run easy, the fact that I actually trained for a half should have made a difference.  I should have ran my best time yet.  When I could feel I was going to bomb this half, I decided to take it easy and enjoy the run.  There was a band almost every two miles.  So many people came out to watch and join in the festivities.  It was a great time.  I will definitely be running this again next year.  It is my goal to beat not only this horrible time, but my personal best for a half.  

A Different Jersey

Lund, Sweden