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Bibiana Osteria in DC

My roommate Jenna–from Rome this summer–and I love to try the Italian restaurants in DC and compare them to our experience in Italy.  On Thursday night we went to Bibiana Osteria in DC.  We first sat at the bar and drank Italian beer.  Then we moved to a table to have dinner.  The service was very friendly, but the food lacked in flavor, was overcooked, and at the same time was overpriced.Don’t be fouled by the presentation of these meals, which appear better than they actually are.  Jenna and I like to call ourselves arancini experts because we lived across the street from the most popular arancini place in Rome, Mondo Arancina.  The ones at Bibiana are so dry, favorless, and lack the appropriate amount of cheese to make them gooey and delicious.  When we asked for balsamic vinegar to go with our meal, the server poured it on out plates for us because it was the only one in the restaurant.  That’s right, one balsamic vinegar for the whole restaurant.  In my opinion, I would buy cheaper Balsamic vinegar if it would mean they could be less stingy.  The Washingtonian named this restaurant one of the top 100 in DC last year, but I would much prefer to go to Cassa Nonna.

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