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Vienna at Christmas

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria was Christmas wonderland during the holidays.  There are huge Christmas lights hanging across every street and a Christmas market at every corner.  Everyone shops, eats, drinks mulled wine, and listens to Christmas music at the markets.  We went to several markets including the famous Wiener Christkindlmarkt 2011 and the Christmas Market at Schönbrunn Summer Palace.

Vienna has many amazing arts galleries including the Belvedere Palace and the Albertina.  In addition, the Giant Ferris Wheel should not be missed.  It offers amazing views of the whole city, which is much larger than I expected.

The food in Vienna is awesome.  The true Viennese experience is achieved by stopping to have lunch or dinner in a traditional Viennese cafe.  Also, taking a break to order a coffee and a slice of the Original Sacher-Torte at the Hotel Sacher of Vienna is a must.

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